JakHoo USA

Where Our Story Began

Established in 2020 This sportswear brand’s story begins with a purple heart. A Medal of Honor given to those wounded or killed while serving on or after April 5, 1917, with the U.S. military. The father of the founder of Jakhoo USA, Saint John Rae, was shot  while on the frontline of the Vietnam War. A young man with great ambition, after graduating from high school in the United States, he was quickly drafted into the US military at a young age, and found himself in the middle of a war zone. Wounded while fighting on the frontline in Vietnam, this brave young man would eventually go on to be the inspiration behind the creation of this sportswear company JAKHOO USA. 

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The name Jakhoo itself also carries an interesting and compelling story, although this one doesn’t start in the middle of an international conflict. After returning home from war due to injury, Saint John Rae felt a strong calling to give back to the community. Being fond of sports and athletics himself, he decided to introduce the youth of his community to baseball. Being an influential baseball coach in Brooklyn, Illinois, and working in a poverty stricken village, outside of St Louis, Missouri, Saint John Rae created a unique opportunity to inspire young people in the community, and give them a positive environment to thrive in. For John, the competitive nature of sports helps to empower young people and give them the confidence to pursue their ambitions and dreams.

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Sports helps to channel aggression, relieve stress, encourage teamwork and creates a safe space for young people in the community to develop their physical abilities, mental strength and focus their attention on something different for a couple of hours. With children of his own, Saint John Rae treated all players equally and even managed to take them to their first major league baseball game at Bush Stadium in St Louis. With so many children under his care, he fondly used the name JACK to address almost everyone, which led to his youngest son often asking ‘Jack Who? ’This is the inspiration behind the name JAKHOO USA and helps to remind the family business of John’s incredible journey and passion to support the community through competitive sports. So, JAKHOO USA was born. Today as a sportswear brand JAKHOO USA offers unisex sweat suits and sportswear that will stand the test of time and offer comfort, confidence and style.

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JakHoo USA is a sportswear brand that offers high quality sportswear for every occasion. Specializing in unisex sweat suits, our team understands how each person is on their own unique journey in life. So when it comes to buying sportswear, it just makes sense to have sportswear that offers not only comfort, but style, quality in abundance and designed to give you confidence. Whether you’re searching for something of quality or essential everyday wear you’re  on a mission to discover a sportswear brand that puts the consumer first, JakHoo USA is for you.